Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's Speak Spikes...

The topic of my very first post (besides the previous introduction) will be the mid-distance shoe known as the Nike Rival D IV. This one of the spikes that I currently race in during my indoor and outdoor seasons.

After years of exclusively racing in the Asics brand, I thought it was time for a change of pace (no pun intended). With an indoor track season right around the corner, the search began. I knew that i would be racing at distances ranging from 800 to 3000 meters. This helped me narrow my search a bit. After coming down to a few options that met my desired criteria, I finally leaned towards the Rival D IV.

Now for the spike speaking...

      After many races in these spikes I have realized a few good things and a few cons. Let's start with the Good first, the spike itself is incredibly lightweight, 6.2 oz,  and paired with the lack of socks (as the way i race) gives you the virtual feel of nothing on your feet. Also, the EVA sole and midsole provide very good cushioning for each step.
    Now the Bad. The problems that I have discovered with this spike involve its spike plate. First, the plate on the right shoe is designed in such a way that the two spikes directly under the big toe stick out at an angle. This creates a big annoyance and physical pain for the foot with each stride. This problem can be fixed easily with the removal of these two spikes, but for those who like to have all the spikes in, this may not be the spike for you. The next con has to do with the plate when it comes down to the kick. I find that this plate makes it incredibly hard to go up onto your toes when the time calls for the kick to turn on.

  This spike comes in a variety of colors. I have mine in black and red, but it's your preference. = )  You can find this spike online at of course and and sites like it. Also this spike runs a half of size small ( example: size 9 foot - get a size 9.5). This spike will run you anywhere between $19.99- $54.99 depending on the site.

So in conclusion I give this spike a -----------  7/10

Thankyou for reading. Hope it helped! More posts on the way. = )

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