Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Must Play Game!

Have you ever sat around on your xbox playing franchise mode on a sports videogame? Probably a "yes" right? While playing this game, have you ever wished there was a track and field game like that? Well I was in this very situation, so I set out to find such a game. This search led me to my favorite game ever. This game is called Maxithlon.

Maxithlon is a online browser based game that is the first and only game in which you can manage your very own track and field club! From the moment that you register (register is free), you are given a stadium, 150K in cash, and a handful of athletes, male and female to start your club. These athletes have different skills and different values in said skills. The six skills include : Strength, Stamina, Speed, Agility, Jump, Throw. And a value ranging from 0-20 in each skill. (higher being better). It is up to you the manager to analyze your athletes and assign them a specialty based on their skills. Specialties include: Sprinters, Mid- distance, Long-dis, Race Walkers, Jumpers, Throwers.  Or if the athlete can't hack it, you can fire he/she. You then take your team and enter them into competitions. Competition levels vary from regional competitions to the Olympic Games where you will compete against other players' clubs around the world.

The game gets a very realistic feel with some of the features ( Coaches, Dietician, Stadium renovations, Open bidding market for athletes, etc. )  I could tell you every aspect about this game in this post, but I would rather you go to the site and sign up yourselves and experience it for yourselves.

Go to    www.maxithlon.com     and click " Register"

And if you could, please reference me when you sign up  username: turreturtle

This is a great game for any track and field lover. Hope you check it out!


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