Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Wonders of Dri-fit...

What is Dri-fit you may be asking? And if you are asking this question you must not have entered a models in the past year. Dri-fit is a performance fabric by Nike. This fabric hit the scene and took off. The material is unlike any other and, in my opinion, stands alone at the top of performance gear today.

So what exactly is Dri-fit? Dri-fit, as defined by its maker Nike, is a combination of 3 different fabrics. The hybrid material is made from 62 percent cotton (5 percent of which is organic), 34 percent polyester and 4 percent spandex. As defined by myself, Dri-fit is composed of 74 percent awesome (0 percent of which is organic), 23 percent amazing, and 3 percent heaven. Does that equal 100 percent? who cares, you get my point.

This unique blend of different materials into one gives Dri-fit fabric a quality that no other performance fabric has today. Dri-fit moves moisture to a layer of fabric that is away from the skin. This allows the skin to stay dry, protected, and comfortable. I know i hate running when I'm uncomfortable, don't you?

This amazing material luckily comes in a variety of forms. You can pretty much cover yourself from head to toe in the revolutionary apparel. (Pictures Below)

You can find Dri-fit where ever amazing clothing is sold. You may want to start your search on Nike.com, eastbay.com, or any sporting goods store's website. This material may cost a bit more bread than other materials, but TRUST ME the bang is worth the buck.

In conclusion I give the Dri-fit material by Nike a..............10/10

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